Improving Patient ExperienceIn the health care field, word of mouth can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If a patient has a bad experience in your practice or health care facility, it’s easier than ever to tell the world through health rating websites and social media.

Conversely, if you are giving quality service, your patients will mention that, too. The radiologists at SteleRAD recognize that expert radiological interpretations are just one part of delivering quality of care and maintaining positive relationships with their patients and their families. The following points are just a few steps the radiologists at SteleRAD perform everyday to maintain the highest level of patient satisfaction.

1. Work Around the Schedule of Your Patients

SteleRAD physicians understand that patients have extremely busy schedules, just as they do. For this reason, we try to improve our patient experience by keeping wait times to a minimum, and quickly turn around test results. Every effort is made to get the appropriate study in the hands of the appropriate physician in order to provide expert interpretations in the most efficient manner. SteleRAD realizes that expeditious handling of test results will greatly reduce patient anxiety and, more importantly, speed up any necessary treatment.

2. Maintain a Well-Rounded Practice

SteleRAD maintains a practice with a full complement of subspecialists. This actually serves two purposes: First and foremost, from a radiology perspective, even the most complex cases can be interpreted in an efficient manner. Therefore, we do not have to contract any image interpretations, which means rapid results, improved patient satisfaction, and reduced patient anxiety.

In addition, the workflow of the practice is streamlined, because all cases have an expert physician interpreting them — no subcontracting of services required.

SteleRAD does not incorporate the use of teleradiology services. All of our exams are read in-house. Eliminating the use of this service greatly reduces result turnaround time, can reduce patient anxiety, avoid delay in treatment, and save money.

3. Have an Open Rapport with Other Physicians

A great deal of a patient’s course of treatment is dependent upon radiological test results. As radiologists, we understand that we function as an important liaison between the patient and every physician involved in potentially treating the patient.

By working with surgeons, oncologists, and primary care physicians, the radiologists at SteleRAD assists in coordinating care, personally giving test results, and setting follow-up testing and appointments, therefore, reducing stress on the patient.

4. Use Technology to Reduce Turnaround Times

Much of a patient’s anxiety comes from waiting for test results. It is excruciating to anticipate what may or may not be wrong with you. SteleRAD incorporates many recent technological advances, such as voice recognition software, which greatly reduces turnaround times and reduces the stress of the patient.

The previous system of result dictation and subsequent transcription took several hours or even days before a patient received the test results. With voice recognition software, interpretations are available almost immediately, reducing a patient’s anxiety and avoiding delays in treatment.

5. Keep Your Staff Involved

While radiologists have the burden of interpreting exams and turning out results in a timely fashion, any successful practice needs to have excellent technologists and administrative staff.

Technologists can be important in reducing a patient’s stress, simply by knowing how you handle particular situations. For example, if a radiologist likes to have spot views of the spine during a bone scan, the technologist can automatically perform them instead of getting the patient off the exam table, checking the scan with the radiologist, then putting them back on for additional spot views. This extra imaging can set off anxiety for patients, who may think something is wrong.

By communicating with technologists and other members of your staff, they can anticipate the orders of the radiologist and perform necessary care for the patient, without the anxiety.

If you are looking for an experienced radiology practice with a good patient experience, you can count on SteleRAD. Call us at 954-358-5250 or contact us online for a consultation.