Radiology TeamFor many patients, and even many physicians, radiologists are simply the name at the bottom of the radiology report. There is a major misconception regarding radiologists that they are simply that guy who sits in his office all day and looks at radiology exams on a computer. The reality is that the radiologist, whose name is at the bottom of the imaging report, is probably the most critical person involved in the care of patients.

What Does Your Radiologist Do?

Radiologists, such as the radiologists who interpret images for SteleRAD, are highly trained, specialized individuals who have made it their lives work to diagnose diseases. In addition, radiologists play a key role in the patient care process by consulting with primary care physicians and recommending further imaging exams and by directing the treatment of patients.

The Role Of A Radiologist: More Than Just Interpreting Images

There are several aspects of a day in the life of a radiologist that most patients and physicians fail to realize. Radiologists are indeed medical doctors who have successfully graduated from an accredited medical school, have met the requirements of a state licensing body by passing a rigorous board exam, and have had at least four years of specialized training in the field of radiology.

Radiologists are not just responsible for interpretations of highly complex radiological exams, they are also responsible for radiation safety and radiation protection for all patients and radiologic technologists. They must be able to realize the effects of radiation on the human body for all radiologic exams that are performed, and they are responsible for directing all radiologic technologists to perform radiologic exams to the highest quality to ensure the most accurate diagnosis.

Public Opinion Regarding The Field of Radiology

To further verify the importance of radiologists and the overall field of radiology, simply view the results of the recent poll taken by the American College of Radiology. The American College of Radiology — the accreditation body responsible for insuring that medical facilities are providing the highest quality of radiology exams, the equipment that medical facilities are using to perform radiology exam meet the highest of functional requirements, and that radiologists are adequately interpreting various radiological exams facilities are performing — polled 1,000 registered voters regarding proposed cuts in Medicare reimbursements for interpreting radiologists.

The results of the poll revealed that 80% of the voters feel that radiology exams are absolutely crucial for early diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition, 90% of voters feel that any cuts in medical reimbursement will have an adverse effect on early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions, and 87% of women voters feel that the field of mammography is absolutely essential for diagnosing cysts, lumps, and tumors in breast tissue before they can actually be felt by the human hand.

Appreciate Your Radiologist

Your radiologist is more than simply the name on the bottom of a chest X-ray report. Radiologists are making absolutely sure radiological exams are performed properly and safely so the exams can be adequately diagnosed with no adverse effects to the patient. They are also responsible for effectively communicating the results of radiology exams to patients and referring physicians, and they also play a key role in directing and providing an effective course of treatment for patients.

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