Vitamins Don’t Prevent Cancer

Patients look to vitamins as an easy way to prevent disease. Many physicians support them in this belief despite research to the contrary.

The health benefits of vitamins and dietary supplements are subject to some dispute. Most clinical trials find that a healthy diet provides all the vitamins people need, and it is not clear that supplements taken in pill or capsule form have the same benefits as dietary vitamins. Nonetheless, many physicians are happy to approve of patients’ vitamin-popping habits. The pills are unlikely to do harm and they are consistent with an overall concern about health and diet.

Vitamins Don’t Prevent Cancer

Unfortunately, many patients are all too ready to associate miraculous healing powers with vitamin supplements. Vitamin enthusiasts claim a wide range of benefits from moderate to high doses of supplements, including cancer prevention.

The medical community has responded to these claims with a series of studies to test various vitamins’ effects in preventing cancer. The National Institutes of Health’s National Cancer Institute documents several of these studies. In particular, the NCI is tracking research into the efficacy of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, selenium, and vitamin D in preventing cancer. In no case has research supported the claim that vitamin supplements play a role in preventing cancer.

Medical Imaging Can Help

What does help prevent cancer, researchers agree, is identification of risk factors through early and frequent screening through medical imaging.

Not only can radiological testing identify precancerous risk factors, but also it can contribute to better outcomes in patients who have already developed cancer.

Physicians who advise their patients to pop a multivitamin each day are probably doing no harm. But if they really want to help their patients avoid and beat cancer, they’d be better off prescribing a regular course of medical imaging tests. The facts are clear: Medical imaging, not multivitamins, helps patients beat cancer.

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