Radiology ServicesYou may have heard the old saying about the fox and the hedgehog: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” Even though that phrase was written over 2,700 years ago by Greek poet Archilochus, the dichotomy between breadth and depth of knowledge has been the subject of heated discussions ever since. This debate has been seen in many different professions, from lawyers to accountants to chefs.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there is now a conversation in radiological circles about this same concept. Is it better to be a general radiologist who is familiar with many different aspects of radiology practices? Or should radiologists spend their time focusing on a particular subspecialty in order to become an expert in a more discrete area of knowledge?

The Case for General Radiologists

In the past, most radiologists leaned toward being generalists in their fields. This was probably necessary during the infancy of the profession because there were few (if any) subspecialties that were being touted. But even today, general radiologists are thought to be more flexible in their approach to medicine and are better able to navigate uncertainty than subspecialists. Also, generalists are more likely to notice the “big picture” of radiology and observe which outside factors may have an impact on their industry and procedures.

The Case for Specialized Radiologists

Although there will always be a place in medicine for general radiologists, there’s a significant push toward specializing in a subcategory of the discipline. Since technology is constantly increasing the accuracy and complexity of the images being produced, a subspecialist is better equipped to identify and diagnose conditions and maladies that may not have been apparent even a few years ago. In addition, many believe the prevalence of subspecialists helps to elevate the entire practice of radiology in general, while helping these individuals become more active in clinical care and interactions with patients.

SteleRAD: Your Top Choice for Radiology Services

At SteleRAD, we feature 23 staff radiologists that are highly-skilled in numerous different radiological sub-specialties: including fluoroscopy, ultrasound, breast imaging, body imaging, chest and cardiovascular imaging, diagnostic radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, neuroradiology, nuclear radiology, pediatric radiology, and vascular and interventional radiology. They can also help your medical facility by assisting with a sudden increase in caseload, stepping in for a physician who is inaccessible or unavailable, or offering a board-certified second opinion.
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