3-Year-Old Girl Receives Radiological ServicesWhen a child arrives in the emergency room with fever and a cough, flu is the presumptive cause. But this three-year-old girl seemed different. Flu usually presents with diaphoresis – profuse sweating – and swollen, tender lymph nodes. Those symptoms weren’t present in this case. This wasn’t a simple flu, the emergency-room physician concluded, but something more serious. It was probably pneumonia.

Questioning the Obvious Diagnosis

The ER doctor ordered a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia and a SteleRAD board-certified pediatric radiologist interpreted the film and diagnosed a mass on the patient’s spine. Our SteleRAD pediatric radiologist ordered a CT scan of the chest.

Making the Diagnosis with SteleRAD Subspecialty Expertise

The CT scan confirmed the presence of a sizable mass against the girl’s spine. Our fellowship-trained radiologist offered a presumptive diagnosis of ganglioneuroblastoma, a form of cancer characterized by large, solid tumors. Staff doctors agreed with the radiologist and the little girl’s surgery was scheduled to confirm the diagnosis.

Surgery confirmed the presence of ganglioneuroblastoma, just as the radiologist had predicted upon viewing the CT scan. The girl started a course of chemotherapy and she is expected to make a full recovery.

A Fairy Tale Ending

No one is lucky to get cancer, but in this case the patient was lucky to arrive at a hospital where she was treated by our expert, caring SteleRAD radiologist who had access to state-of-the-art SteleRAD diagnostic scanning equipment. The combination of clear scanning with expert diagnostic skills resulted in an early diagnosis, timely treatment, and a good prognosis. A little girl is healthy and happy today because CT scanning technology caught her illness early enough for successful treatment.

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