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The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) is a national organization consisting of physicians, other health professionals, and scientists who are interested in image-guided therapeutic radiology imaging interventions. SIR’s Annual Scientific Meeting is a leading global conference on research in image-guided, minimally invasive medicine, and the latest Annual Meeting took place Feb. 28 through Mar. 5 in Atlanta’s World Congress Center.

Attended by thousands, SIR 2015 featured more than 200 scientific sessions, and over 100 technical exhibits and product demonstrations. The goal of the meeting was to offer attendees current data and information on breakthrough radiology imaging treatments for diseases like cancer, venous and peripheral arterial disease, and uterine fibroids.

Major Themes of SIR 2015

Two overarching themes informed SIR 2015’s general sessions: “Innovation, Macroeconomics and the Future of Minimally Invasive Therapies” and “Global Perspectives.” The former provided discussion of how changes in the healthcare ecosystem affect interventional radiology imaging, and the latter explored specialty topics from around the world. The goal was to equip attendees with essential new tools, techniques, and skills for strengthening their clinical practices.

More specifically, by the end of the meeting, the goal was for attendees to be able to:

• Demonstrate high quality interventional radiology imaging practice in a team setting
• Understand the latest basic and clinical research in diseases, including technology integral to interventional radiology practice
• Evaluate the latest equipment used in interventional radiology
• Understand important societal, political, and economic issues as they relate to interventional radiology.

Scientific and Poster Sessions

Scientific sessions at SIR 2015 offered information about clinical trials, technological innovations, basic scientific research, and practice-enhancing innovations. All scientific presentations were peer-reviewed to ensure soundness, originality, and quality of research. Global leaders in interventional radiology imaging moderated scientific sessions, and many of the innovations discussed in these sessions are expected to become regular parts of interventional radiology practice in the future. Selected distinguished abstracts can be viewed in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology Supplement S1-S228.

SIR 2015 also featured a popular poster hall. Posters were hosted by authors for discussion and questions, and awards were given for outstanding posters. After reviewing poster presentations, attendees gained better understanding of current research in interventional radiology imaging, could identify current and future clinical developments, and could better identify new research methods and possibilities for further investigation.

Radiology Demonstrations

Innovations discussed at previous SIR Annual Meetings have become widely adopted in interventional radiology.

Abstracts of the Year

Two abstracts were chosen by blinded review as Abstracts of the Year. One was titled “Multicenter trial of the VenaTech convertible filter: a novel approach to IVC filtration” by E.J. Hohenwalter, J. Stone, P. O’Moore, S.J. Smith, J. Selby Jr., R.J. Lewandowski, S. Samuels, P. Kiproff, D. Trost, J. Handel, E. Gandras, D.C. Madoff, A. Vlahos, and W.S. Rilling. This research detailed the Convertible Filter, based on a durable, permanent IVC design where the filter isn’t retrieved, but converted to an IVC stent.

The other Abstract of the Year was “Endovascular embolization of aneurysms by interventional MR coagulation,” by O. Cohen, M. Zhao, E. Nevo, O. Zurkiya, R.G. Gonzalez, A.J. Yoo, and J.L. Ackerman. This paper concerned the use of MR-radiofrequency coagulation, which uses energy from an MR scanner to produce highly localized heat at the tip of a guide wire to coagulate a catheter-delivered substance and form an embolic structure.

Digital Video Library Available for Purchase

Those who missed sessions at SIR 2015 can obtain SIR: The Digital Video Library, which consists of feature-rich videos of the SIR 2015 curriculum. The Digital Video Library can be obtained on a USB drive for offline viewing and offers video of presentations you would have seen if you were in the room, including presented videos, animations and other speaker visual aids. With the Digital Video Library, you also get unlimited mobile and online access.

The next SIR Annual Scientific Meeting is scheduled for April 2-7, 2016 at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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